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The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of what MEDIUMSHIP exactly is and how to develop MEDIUMSHIP AWARENESS.
Mediumship is the commonly used term to describe any form of communication with the dead ( people that have passed over into the afterlife, when they're physical bodies die ). Mediumship, also called channeling is available to anyone and in fact most people do have contact with those that have passed into the after life, either consciously when awake or in dreams. It does appear though that certain individuals are born with a heightened perception of spirit ( i.e. natural mediums) but the truth of the matter is, that we all have spirit/soul, as well as a physical body, therefore, we are all essentially spirit, so spirit communication is a natural and perfectly normal phenomenon. Be wary of a medium who claims to be special and gifted, as i said, any person can develop to perceive spirit.
I class PSYCHIC AWARENESS as any form of non spirit related paranormal perception. Many people seem to confuse the two and often assume that a psychic is a medium and a medium is a psychic. Really there are major differences in the two and also many sub categories and very often the two overlap. Many mediums also perceive psychically and vise versa. The trouble lies in a lack of understanding and knowledge as to where the information being received is coming from and in many cases it is impossible to determine if the source of the information being received is from spirit ( the dead ) or some other non spirit related phenomenon ( i.e., psychometry, where a person can hold an object, and perceive that objects history and the emotions from certain people that once owned that object ).
Dreams, in fact are the most common forms of spirit contact. But dreams for many people are hard to remember and are often symbolic in the imagery that are used in them. It is a commonly held belief that the dream process is a natural way for the brain to offload all the previous days irrelevant information ( a cleaning out process ) but once a knowledge and awareness of spirit is developed it is plain to see that the dream state is a spiritual state to be in and not a physical one. The so called LUCID dream state is the term used to describe a very real dream experience. If when upon waking, you remember a very vivid and real dream ( often it takes a while upon waking to distinguish reality from the dream ) then this is a classic sign of lucid dreaming. There are many different states the body and spirit go through in the dream state and there is still much ongoing research into the nature of dreams. Many people, me included, believe that the lucid dream state is when your spirit / soul has left your physical body and you are then in the afterlife and are able to perceive spirit in a natural state. It is often said that the soul is attached to the physical body by a silver cord, when the soul has left the physical body ( either the dream state, out of body experience or near death experience ) and this is the tie that returns the soul to the physical body. At the point of actual death of the physical body, the silver cord is said to be broken and the soul returns to its natural state in the afterlife. The afterlife actually is just a higher plane of existence which overlaps and occupies the same space / time as our own physical universe, but with the added complexity of thought created matter which can overlay the physical universe we inhabit. So, spirit can and do perceive our physical universe, just as we do, i.e., they hear, see and sometimes smell the things we do. Just imagine another person as real as yourself, with all the faculties you have, but is just invisible to your everyday senses, this is the best way to imagine spirit and how they interact with us.e
Here at MORGANSREST through our classes we teach how to perceive spirit with the emphasis on giving readings, ( a reading being a relayed message from spirit through a medium to the intended recipient of the message ). When beginning to perceive spirit there is much confusion as to what the message is actually meant to be and who the recipient of the message actually is, often imagery is used by spirit to relay information and a reliable reading can rarely be given with imagery alone. This is the first step only to spirit perception and later development includes clair audience ( clear hearing, telepathy ) and clair sentience ( clear sensing ). If a message ( reading ) is to be given then an experienced medium will often receive information from spirit in many forms and not rely solely on one form of perception. But, it all depends on how well, spirit communicate to us and how well we understand they're communication methods.
Step 1 to perceiving spirit.
As i have previously said, imagery is usually the first stage in achieving spirit contact. But it has to be noted, that if you have no spirit around you to communicate with, then no matter how hard you try, you will never achieve any communication. But if you don't have spirit around you constantly all is not lost because spirit often "pop in and out" to check on us from time to time and once they realize that you are trying to achieve contact they make every effort to oblige.
THOUGHT is the medium of the afterlife, that is all communication from spirit is thought created. Don't expect to hear spirit with your ears ( although this does happen on occasion ) but instead learn to realize your mind is the tool used for communication. Your sixth sense.
Have you ever seen images in your mind, when you are lying in bed at night waiting to drift off to sleep , with your eyes closed, perhaps in the dark. This is very often spirit contact. That is, communication from spirit to you via imagery in your mind. As i have previously stated, the sleep / dream state is when spirit contact is very common and quite often spirit will wait until your nearing an unconscious sleep state before they start to make contact, purely for the fact that you are entering an altered state of consciousness where communication for spirit is much easier. If you are experiencing this at night, then i expect you are experiencing vivid dreams also and this is a sure sign that spirit contact in your dreams is happening. Spirit often control us to a limited extent in dreams, as a means to put us into circumstances and situations in which they wish to tell us, or teach us something in particular. A recurring nightmare is in fact a thought created reality created by spirit for us to experience as a means of education. You can develop awareness in dreams, that is, whilst dreaming, you can suddenly realize, that you are dreaming, are then from that moment onwards, you take control and are not just a passive experiencer of the dream. Spirit can often give you the realization that you are dreaming, as a means to explain to you that you can control the situation you currently find yourself in. This often relates to the physical life you lead where the dream experience is a symbolic representation of a situation you currently find yourself in.
As well, as seeing images in your mind, before going to sleep at night, you can also perceive images whilst awake. Meditation is a good way to learn to perceive. Just sit quietly with your eyes shut, maybe in the dark, with little to no noise around you and ask for spirit contact. Ask with your mind, there is no need to speak aloud, although you can if you like, if you have spirit around you, then they will either hear you speak vocally or through thought. But as it is a thought process we are trying to heighten, it's best to concentrate your efforts on thought control. Just ask for spirit to show you images. You can ask for certain images to be shown to you and in fact a dialogue can be created with images alone. Very few people seem to realize that spirit can also see the images you create. Most people seem to think it's a one way street and you are just a receiver, but in fact, it is a two way process. This can be confusing when first starting spirit communication, i.e., how do i know that what i see in my mind is from spirit and not my own creation. Well, a good rule of thumb, i have found, is of the quality of the images. For instance, ask to see an image of an elephant. If the elephant you see is a remarkably accurate version, almost like a photo and it is very clear to see then this is undoubtedly from spirit. I myself would have a hard time visualizing an accurate picture of an elephant, because it's not something i am particularly familiar with. I know roughly what one looks like, but correct anatomical detail for me would be difficult to achieve. In my experience, spirit are often much better at accurate visualization than we are. Also the strength and clearness of the image is another sign that the source is from spirit. Quite often, you'll get a strong image, then when it stops, you are almost jolted back to reality. That jolt, is a sign to look out for, where telepathic contact has ceased. I have had many images from spirit which have been so clear, i could have sworn that what i had seen was with my eyes open and in bright daylight. But that is not really down to my own heightened awareness, but was dependent on how strong and how much effort spirit put in to showing me that image. It must also be noted that images don't have to be static but can be very much like watching a tv program. Full motion and Full colour. All dependent of course on how much knowledge of communication methods spirit have. Don't expect spirit to be expert communicators, either. Quite often, spirit are on a learning curve with us as to how to best communicate. For some spirit it will be the first chance they get to actively communicate with us in the physical form, where we have actual conscious awareness, i.e., we know they exist, and they know we know. So expect some confusion on both sides when beginning spirit communication.
Step 2 to perceiving spirit.
Once you are pretty familiar with visualization techniques and are receiving regular spirit contact, the next logical step would be Voice communication from spirit telepathically ( clair audience ). That is, to hear spirit speak to you in your mind. You will probably have heard spirit speak to you already, as they rarely proceed in the steps i have outlined so far. But for clear understanding of what spirit are trying to say, speech is by far the best communication method. This process leaves very little room for misunderstanding on your part. Where communication and misunderstanding might arise, with voice communication from spirit, will be in the lack of verbal communication skills spirit have, i.e., if the spirit you are communicating with, was a quiet, softly spoken introverted person, then that spirit is likely to be less expressive than an extrovert person. A spirit who had difficulty in expressing themselves verbally when alive in they're physical life, will still more than likely be the same way in the afterlife. But trial and error and experience overcome these hurdles in time. Obviously, you can only understand a language from spirit which you yourself speak, but as most spirit that accompany us are usually deceased relatives or friends, it's obvious that they will speak the same language. Clair audience is said to be an advanced form of spirit communication, which isn't really true. If spirit are showing you clear pictures in your mind, then they can just as easily speak to you verbally. It really just depends on which communication method spirit prefer. But i would always insist on verbal communication and i always reject images now purely because of the misunderstandings and misinterpretations it causes.
Step 3 to perceiving spirit.
Clair sentience ( clear sensing ) is another form of communication from spirit. This involves spirit interacting with your physical body. To feel, heat or cold, on your body or pressure or touching where the source is from spirit is said to be clair sentience. This can take many forms and below is a list of the most common forms of clair sentience.
1. To feel hot or cold on your body.
2. To feel pressure on your skin, a touching sensation.
3. To experience muscle spasms or muscle twitching.
4. To feel a tingling sensation on your skin.
5. To feel pain on or in your body ( this must be stopped immediately and if you are experiencing pain from spirit, you must tell them that it is wrong, how it affects you and that it must stop and never to be used again ). This is often described as a psychic attack and if this continues then you must seek outside help to control it. Also take a look at our psychic attacks and protection page.
6. To feel vibrations on your body. Perhaps lying in bed at night, where your body might start to shake or vibrate, usually when your in a semi unconscious state. This actually is more than likely an attempt by spirit to gain some control of your physical body, perhaps as a precursor to trance mediumship.
So to recap, clair sentience is any form of spirit contact that affects your physical body.
Those 3 stages are the most commonly used methods for mental mediumship, which is communication with spirit through the mind. But there are more advanced spirit communication methods and TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP is one of them.
Trance Mediumship is the process where an advanced spirit ( i.e., a spiritually more evolved spirit than say a dead relative ) is able , with the mediums permission, remove the spirit of the medium from his physical body and then enter and control the mediums physical body itself. This is consenting possession. This technique is often used, when the so called more highly evolved spirit wishes to teach and guide us here in the physical form. There must of course be absolute trust for both parties involved between the spirit guide and the medium for a successful trance mediumship partnership. For the process to start, the medium, who's body will be used, enters a deep relaxing meditative state, where the controlling spirit then removes the mediums spirit ( some say this is a natural process where the mediums spirit leaves of his own free will ) then takes a few minutes to adjust and gain control of the physical body. Once control is achieved the spirit guide can then converse to all in proximity using the mediums body and mouth for audible speech. Basically, this is a process for a higher form of being to have a physical body, to communicate and relay information to us here in the physical universe. There have been many famous trance mediums over the years and the teachings from one of which i recommend would be that of Silver Birch.
Another form of mediumship and quite a rare one is that of PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP. This is the process where spirit are able to manifest themselves in a physical form by the use of ECTOPLASM. Ectoplasm being a substance that is either drawn from the medium or from the "universe" and is a maluable substance which is formed into objects and people. Think of ectoplasm as a spirit form of putty which can be moulded to any shape. Ectoplasm has been used by spirit for example to mould into the representation of the face of the controlling spirit or of other people, either deceased or physically alive. This type of mediumship became very famous during the early years of Spiritualism but has seemed to have declined over the years. Although many Spiritualist churches claim to practice this form of mediumship, as it is an advanced form, i myself have never witnessed it. It is also said to require many dedicated mediums and spirit to sit in development circles for many years before physical mediumship can be achieved. The energy levels created in development circles for physical mediumship by the mediums are said to be what is required for spirit to achieve physical manifestations using ectoplasm.
Spirit can and quite often do, interact with our physical world. Spirit have been known to move picture frames, knock on walls and tables, move objects from one place to another. These physical manifestations are not related to any form of mediumship and are solely the act of spirit. These acts by spirit are usually a means to inform us that they are still here and still care about the people and the place where they live. Those spirit that haven't been deceased for very long find it very hard to accept they're fate and wish only to return to what they knew in the physical life. Thus some can try very hard to get our attention and be noticed, this manifests in objects being moved, noises being heard and nasty smells. This form of paranormal activity is often called the Poltergeist phenomenon and can be very frightening to those people who have little to no knowledge of the afterlife.
If you need any form of help which is spirit related, then we here at Morgansrest will be only too glad to lend assistance. As well as the excellent advice that can be received here we always recommend attending a spiritualist church for guidance, help and tuition. If you live in the U.S.A then check out our LINKS TO OTHER SPIRITUAL WEB SITES page for a link to a directory of spiritualist churches in the U.S.A. The U.K has a proliferation of spiritualist churches around the country and just a simple search on the web or in the yellow pages or your local directory, under churches will reveal several in your area.
These are all the facts to MEDIUMSHIP ( any form of communication with spirit, i.e. the dead ) and we've endeavored to dispel all the misconceptions, paranoia and religious fear and hatred of spirit contact. Mediumship is a natural process of communication with those that have died and left they're physical bodies behind. Just because someone has died, does not mean they cease to exist.